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Seaweed Extract

Different kelp species have unique effects upon plant health and crop potential depending upon their nutrient & hormonal profile. It offers a unique formulation of the three most popular growth promoting seaweed species. LaminariaSargassum and Ascophyllum nodosum are the three components of a new 100% soluble seaweed powder, which promises to redefine the concept of cost-effective kelp.

. Involves a unique freeze-drying process which increases surface area and aids rapid dissolvability.
. Laminaria may assist plants in the recovery from previous viruses.
. Sargassum is rich in alginic acid, to boost water retention.
. Ascophyllum nodosum contains very high levels of cytokinins and features the highest mineral content of any kelp.
. Improves soil conditions and enhance water retention.
. Improves both growth and flowering and is a powerful anti-stress tool.
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